Apr 4, 2017

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We are pleased to announce that Tom Fish will be returning to Anvil International as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and a member of the Board of Directors effective April 4, 2017.

Prior to his retirement in May of 2016, Tom had been with Anvil for over 34 years and President for nearly 16 of those years. As an independent company, Anvil must continue to grow and develop as an even more significant company in our industry. Tom’s deep knowledge of the markets we serve, our distributor customers, the competitive environment in which we compete and our own company makes him uniquely capable of assuming this important leadership challenge at Anvil. The Board of Directors and senior leadership team look forward with enthusiasm to working with Tom as he rejoins Anvil.

Tom is excited with the opportunity to return to Anvil. In the near future he will be visiting the facilities throughout the organization, reestablishing the connections he had made over the years and establishing new ones.

Please join us in welcoming Tom back.


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